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 School: The World Summit on Sustainable Development • Quest 2: News from the Summit
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 Task 2: News from the Summit • Due Date: 9/5/2002
What's happening at the Summit?

Tell the world...

 Reports posted for this Task:
 The US weighs in by jamie h.
 The Ubuntu Village: Perceptions and Observations by Robyn L.
 The Story of Mission Antarctica by Pippa H.
 UN Summit vs. the Civil Society Global Forum by Anna T.
 Tabloid coverage of the WSSD by jamie h.
 IISD Report by jamie h.
 Mandy by Mandy P.
 Partnerships for people, or profit? by Anna T.
 Children: vital partners in globalization and the preservation of the earth by Pippa H.
 Greenpeace by Mandy P.
 The Path to Poverty Reduction: Trade a means to an end? by Robyn L.
 Is Free Trade Fair Trade? Farmers and Hawkers take to the streets by Robyn L.
 Congressmen Call for a Reversal of US Policy by jamie h.
 US Negotiations by jamie h.
 “Sought by many, achieved by few” – Sustainable Urbanization by Robyn L.
 UNDP: community action by Mandy P.
 Money talks – US aid by Robyn L.
 Energy: A South African Perspective by Robyn L.
 Oxfam dump sugar on Sandton Square by Robyn L.
 W.K. Kellogg Foundation Project: “There is another way that works”(Case study: Karel !Naibab – The Dâureb Mountain Guides, Namibia) by Pippa H.
 Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Rural Development by Anna T.
 MONEY TALKS - Official US Announcement at the WSSD 8/29/02 by jamie h.
 The International Energy Agency speaks out on sustainable energy by Anna T.
 The International Humana People to People Movement by Pippa H.
 NASREC by Mandy P.
 Biodiversity Pact by jamie h.
 The general public’s perception of the World Summit on Sustainable Development by Pippa H.
 The General Assembly by Mandy P.
 Leaders from around the world address the summit by jamie h.
 Outcomes of the Summit by Anna T.

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