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Meetings in Thimphu
by iNet News M
Bhutan MicroSolar Distance Learning Initiative

Karma Dorjee, Secretary, Ministry of Trade and Industry, spoke of the failure of the USA to sign the Kyoto Protocol and Bhutan`s goal of Gross National Happiness
Photo: Ron Swenson
Thimphu, Bhutan •• Nov. 7, 2002 •• SolarQuest® iNet News Service •• These past few days we have had many meetings. We met in the lobby each day at 8 am, piled in three cars, then went about town all day back and forth, holding interesting and serious discussions.

This report will be revised with more details in due course. There has been little time so far to smell the roses. We are getting ready to leave for Chendebji at 8 am this morning. I think we will have a little time there to smell the roses.

Seeta Giri, Environment Analyst, United Nations Development Programme
Bharat Tamang, Director, and Karma Tshering, Executive Engineer, Planning and Coordination Division, Department of Energy, Ministry of Trade and Industry. Karma Tshering coordinated meetings and attended most of them on behalf of the DOE
Yanki Tobgyel Wangchuk, Director General, Department of Aid and Debt Management, Ministry of Finance
Christian Matossian, e7 staff, and Takao Shiraishi, Koshi Nakagawa, Takashi Tada, and Jun Aoyama, Kansai Electric Power Company, awaiting the arrival of Karma Dorjee, Secretary, Ministry of Trade and Industry
Shonam Tshering, Managing Director, Bhutan Power Corporation
Sangey Tenzing, Managing Director, Bhutan Telecom
Nancy Strickland, Field Coordinator, Canadian Cooperation Office (funded by The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA))
Dechen Zam, Planning Officer, Policy and Planning Division, and Tshewang Tandin, J.D., Education Department, Ministry of Health and Education
Thinley Dorji, Director, Bhutan Telecom Authority, Ministry of Communication

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Meetings in Thimphu
The e7 team arrives in Bhutan
Meet the e7 Bhutan Mission team
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