SolarQuestTM 98
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I-NetNews Editorial
May 9

South Street Seaport Marketplace, Manhattan

After a rainy night on the pier at the South Street Seaport Marketplace, the day started with vehicle inspections and technical testing. This gave the I-NetNews Team the opportunity to learn more about electric vehicle technology. Our correspondents are working on stories covering the various technologies of the vehicles. These stories will be published on the I-NetNews by mid-week.

Our stories today will introduce you to three school teams: Riverside School in Vermont; Cinnaminson High School in New Jersey, and Cato-Meridian High School in New York. Their cars are awesome! And you can see the pride they take in their vehicle by the joy on their faces.

We will also provide you with a view of the Brooklyn Bridge on the East River in Manhattan, the ships docked at Pier 17, and views of the South Street Marketplace. The vehicle exhibit and testing was conducted at the Marketplace.

Today was the first day that all our correspondents were together. Ama, Chris and Ed were in the advance team setting up operations. We all learned many lessons working together. For one, we quickly realized that although the trip would be a lot of fun it will be even more work! Now with Cassie, Megan, Jason, Diana, Sam, and Christiania joining us our coordination of stories, meals, and communications will be more difficult. And thank you Pam (Christiania's mon) for helping us on the trip!

We ended our day with a great pizza dinner at Uno's on Peir 17 overlooking the tall sail ships. It was fun being together after nearly two weeks of planning, talking with parents, and getting permission from Ms. Davenport (Chelsea School principal) to be excused from school.

Thanks Ms. Davenport for your support!

See you all tomorrow.

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