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Micro-Solar. The e7 continues its Micro-Solar Distance Learning Program with SolarQuest® in the Galapagos Islands. Project photos now available. [July 2003-December 2004]
Johannesburg Summit. The iNet News Team covered the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, South Africa. [August, September 2002]
Micro-Solar. The e7 initiates the pilot phase of its Micro-Solar Distance Learning Program with SolarQuest® in the Galapagos Islands and Bhutan. [February, November 2002]
HP World e-Inclusion. Collaboration with Hewlett-Packard's World e-Inclusion program to develop model village telecenter. [April 2001]
Honduras Solar.Net® Villages. Connecting with the world by solar-powered satellite technology. Check up on the iNet News Team in San Ramon Centro. [January 2001]
Africa - US Energy Ministers meet again in Durban, South Africa for the Second Africa Energy Ministers Conference. The iNet News Team was there. [December 2000]
Porvenir, Bolivia. Village Power 2000 Team Bolivia installs solar powered satellite based internet connection in the remote community of Porvenir. [October 2000]
Village Power 2000. Students returning from their service in Uganda receive awards from US Secretary of Energy Richardson. (Meet the sponsors.) [August 2000]
US-Mexico Sister City Association. Students in Santa Rosalía and Loreto explore solar energy with SolarQuest® in Baja California Sur. [May 2000]
US-Africa Energy Ministers Meet. Representatives from over 40 countries from the continent of Africa converged on the city of Tucson for the U.S. – Africa Energy Ministers Conference. The iNet News Team was there. [December 1999]
MoSES Workshop. A Mobile Solar Education Station was built by a group of teachers and students at WNCC in Carson City, NV. [September 1999]
Solar Light for Churches of Africa. The iNet News Team™ helped to install solar systems in Ugandan schools and clinics for lighting and computers. [July / August 1999]
Operation Day's Work . The iNet News Team™ participated in Operation Day's Work the Constitutional Convention. [July 1999]
Adventure Tour '99. Youth Leadership Weekend, the Michigan Community Foundation's Youth Project. [June 1999]
The National Town Meeting for a Sustainable America. The iNet News Team™ has been to Detroit, and the Youth Delegates were heard! [May 1999]
American Tour de Sol 1998. The iNet News Team came into its own at the Tour de Sol. [May 1998]

iNetNews at the
World Summit on
Sustainable Development
Bhutan Telecom
This is Chendebji
Meetings in Thimphu
The e7 team arrives in Bhutan
Meet the e7 Bhutan Mission team
Thai Photovoltaics in Bangkok
The iNet News Team goes to Bhutan
Taking the Easy Way Out: Presidential speeches
Outcomes of the Joburg Summit
Common Themes of the Summit
The General Assembly
The PlanetWork Initiative
The general public’s perception of the Summit
Breath of fresh air: e7, an NGO with a grassroots approach
A Mountain of Hope for township residents
People in Protest
The International Energy Agency speaks out on sustainable energy
Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Rural Development
Kellogg Foundation: another way that works (Namibia)
Oxfam dump sugar on Sandton Square
Energy: A South African Perspective
Money talks – US aid
“Sought by many, achieved by few” – Sustainable Urbanization
Is Free Trade Fair Trade? Farmers and Hawkers take to the streets
Children: Vital Partners in Globalization and the Preservation of the Earth
Partnerships for people, or profit?
UN Summit vs. the Civil Society Global Forum
The Story of Mission Antarctica
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